Yoga & Breath - life itself is the true yoga practice

The symphony of breath and movement we can name like the flow of togetherness. 
In our offered daily yoga sessions, you can experience the softness of your breath in a completely new way. 
Observing how your body fills up with positive life energy and life force - call it "prana" and experience furthermore, how you can adapt those qualities into different parts of your life. 
Within the sensation that’s rises, you are refreshed and nourished in body and mind. You will become aware, that you already have all the qualities you need, just trust in your body and let yourself be consciously and mindfully sink into the unknown part of you.

Meditation & mindful based stress reduction

As we use the practice of pranayama - breathing exercises, as a tool towards meditation, you will be experiencing a sense of lightness and inner peace.

In our meditation-Shala we will guide with particular techniques and practices toward inner silence and peace.

Throughout the observation of the breath, we experience different streams of thoughts, without judgement or questioning, we will reach back to the inner silence.

Whether you are a new to the practice or already experienced in the practice of meditation and breathing techniques, you are always welcome.