your personal time of care - retreats for body, mind and soul

"Retreat" discripes days of awareness and silence.
Your personal retreat could look like days filled with yoga, concious breathing and holistic Ayurveda or days of detox and cleansing, as well as healing and nourishing breaks.

The retreats we offer are a wonderful change from a normal vacation and give you inner balance and external radiance - to discover yourself in a new way.

The state of bliss embedded in a place of calm and regeneration.

We will inform you here as soon as we can offer our retreat planning.

Yoga "inspiration" retreat with Andrea and her LEBENSwert Programm

03.12. - 05.12.2021

A highly recomended Yoga Retreat what stands under the line of your own inspiration. Access in a deeper level through your practice in yoga, breathing methods, meditation and the ancient healing knowledge from Ayurveda. 
You will be accompaied on your very personal path, wherever it leads you.

We welcome you with open arms and look forward to you indulging in your very own personal wellbeing time in the Ayurveda Wellness Resort Bei.Gretel.

Under the following link you will find all the important details and information about our yoga retreat weekend.

Please send us your request by November 5th, 2021 to